I've only had four basic designs over the years.

WA0PXT 1966-1972
This is my original design.
My novice (WNØPXT) card was similar but no examples survive. (Do you have one?)
These cards were graciously provided by our next door neighbor, Dan Kruse, who owned a printing business.
The Little Print Shop made a similar card using what appears to be the same stock graphics.

K8RC Direct Card 1977-2006
These are cards I produced when I started seriously DXing in the 1980's.
The image is a line drawing of Union Pacific locomotive 3985, the largest steam engine still operating in the world.
I took the picture as a Kodachrome® slide on one of the steam excursions I attended.
I produced the line drawing by projecting the slide onto a large sheet of paper and tracing the main outline and features by hand.

K8RC Buro Card 1977-2006
This is the only "generic" card I have ever had.
They were used to answer buro QSLs.

K8RC QSL 2007-present
This is what you'll receive if you want a card from me today.
The image is not my castle, it is the Mt. Airy water tower which is 6/10ths of a mile east of my QTH.
The water tower is the highest point in Hamilton County, Ohio and my QTH is only 20 ft. lower in elevation.